3 Laptops with Three Dongles!

Ever wanted high speed broadband internet from your laptop pc?  I did, so i did some research and found that the UK’s favourite high speed mobile network is apparently…  3.  Three was built from the ground up to handle large volumes of data so are experienced and cost effective in giving you fast, reliable internet and quite frankly, the best prices i could find at the time.

I’ve written a little bit about what i know around the main terms to do with mobile broadband and 3 laptops in particular.  Here goes!

3 Laptop Broadband – My Experience

3 Laptop Broadband and Mobile Internet – First I’ll explain these terms, then tell you the secrets that could well be worth over six grand.Mobile broadband allows millions of business people, students and regular internet users to access their bank accounts, friends, info and personal data wherever there is a mobile phone signal. It’s quick, easy and adds freedom to your life.

3 Laptop Broadband – what Mobile Internet Providers Dont Shout About!

3 laptopsPlease be aware of the 3 points below!

1. Each Mobile Broadband package comes with a certain amount of data you can use each month. Go over this and get stung hard, especially if using it outside the EU. 3 charge 6 per MB so that’s 6000 for a GB of data – about a day or two’s casual surfing. And 3 are the second cheapest!

2. I went with 3 as they were the cheapest and best value, but, don’t do what i did and get the 15GB for 15 deal.

For 2.50 per month more you can get a brand spanking proper laptop worth 300 or 400. Considering you could replace your land line and existing broadband for this price and get a new laptop as well, it might be worth looking at.

3. In the Broadband Expert 2008 Mobile Broadband Awards, 3 pretty much cleared up:

3 Mobile Broadband won Best Overall, Best Laptop Deal, Best Value and Best PAYG offer.

And f you get your mobile deal through 3 as well you also get 25% off your 3 mobile internet package, and you can get free skype to skype calls too – see below for links to more info.

So, if you’re going to get mobile internet get it from 3 as they”ve won the most awards. Also make sure you get a free laptop with it. As 3 won the award for best laptop offer as well, that works out pretty well.

Best Value and 91% UK coverage.

As if that wasn’t enough, getting your mobile phone from 3 as well entitles you to a further 25% off the 3 laptop broadband and mobile internet package prices- see below for all the very latest offers and deals.

  1. Simple to install
  2. Compatible with PC’s and Mac’s
  3. Broadband on the go – sometimes faster than landlines
  4. Easy to install
  5. Next day delivery
  6. Share it amongst multiple pc’s

Mikey Rocks keeps up to date on all the latest 3 Laptop Broadband deals and packages. To read what he thinks of the actual laptops being offered by 3, and of course find all the latest 3 Laptop Broadband deals in one place.

3 Dongle

If you have a laptop or netbook and want to get online while on the move, a Three dongle is all you need.  This small device looks like a USB memory stick and plugs in to your USB socket, connecting you to the internet.  Here’s the Three dongle page

3 Internet

You can even get a wi-fi dongle called MiFi which means your laptop can become a wireless 3 internet hub – allowing other wireless devices to piggyback on to the dongles 3G connection to the web.  For more info, please see the 3 Internet page.

Three Deals

Three Deals on Pay As You Go offers give you the flexibility to use what you need, when you need it, and mean you can get online on your tablet, smartphone or laptop as easily as possible.  Go to the official 3 Store for all the latest contract and PAYG Three Deals.

Three offer award winning value, speed and service

3 Broadband Coverage

3’s broadband coverage is some of the best in the UK, and has been rated as the No.1 network for 3G tablets in a recent YouGov survey.  You can get up to 15Mbps in practice, although our headline rate is much higher.  Weather, time of day and obstructions such as hills and buldings all make a difference. A1.5 Mbps connection can get you  3-4 minute music track in 30 seconds or so, but is not as good for downloading movies.  Here’s the 3 broadband page.

3 Laptop Deals

3 have actually won so many awards for best value, best  reliability, best customer service and best coverage, that you should probably check them all out at www.three.co.uk/awards for more info or read some of the 3 laptops posts here.  Some of the free laptop deals can be a really good way to get a laptop if you cant afford the up front expense, check them out, but always consider what it’s costing you altogether. :)

Thanks, if there is anything you would like me to write about, please email me and I will do my best, but tbh, I would ask Three directly as they know more than me!  Go to the Three Store now.

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